I'm sure you've read a lot of resumes, hopefully this will break up the pace a little.

I am a versatile, experienced software professional that knows web development inside and out.

From highly interactive front-ends to the web services and databases that drive them I have experience in every aspect of software development.

I'm also good at applying Agile practices, planning, and prioritization skills necessary to deliver a quality product.

I'm used to working in high-reliability environments, both in customer-facing as well as internal tools and if I've reached out to you it's because I think I can make a difference at your company and with your team.

Technical Yahoo - Monitoring and Developer Productivity

3/12 - present

Technologies: Javascript, Ember, Angular, Node, Perl, Flot, D3, HighCharts, DyGraphs, OpenTSDB, Git, Jenkins, Linux

Technical Yahoo - Yahoo Video

3/06 - 3/12

Technologies: Flash / AS3, JavaScript, PHP, Windows Media, QuickTime, Streaming Audio and Video, Linux, RHEL, BSD

Lead QA Automation Engineer – Travelocity

8/02 - 3/06

Technologies: Java, Ant, CVS, JUnit, FIT, QARun, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Bugzilla, Perl, HttpUnit, XML

Senior Developer – sell.com

5/00 - 7/02

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Perl, XML-RPC/Web-Services, HTML, CSS

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