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Thu, 26 Jan 2006

Ring in the New Year

Greetings, faithful reader. I missed making an entry last month, so you won’t find out what I got for Christmas. I’m down to the wire on this month and I don’t have any new year’s resolutions to share, but I can give you one of your own… Whatever you do this year, make sure it does not involve crocheting anything that looks like this (especially not gorilla woman!).

Friends, I have gifts for you but I am lazy and forgetful, so you will probably get them next time you come over if I remember.

For those who look for insightful commentary, interesting technical morsels, or agile xp resume’s, stay tuned- I’ve got a great rebuttal to one of Mr. Zawodny’s entries that I’ve had stewing on my laptop since October.

To keep you entertained in the meanwhile I’ll link you to my favorite moderately unknown bloggers.

I’m always excited when I see entries show up in their feeds, so if you’re disappointed when entries don’t show up in my feeds, please read the above feeds and pretend that I wrote them.

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