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Thu, 28 Feb 2008

Overheard on Slashdot

A boss of mine once said this:

Class A people hire class A people

Class B people hire class C people

I think that is spot on.


Some other good links I’ve run across lately- a story about how supporting an existing system can be more difficult than the system itself needs to be. Some insights on unit testing, and a small cautinary tale about the perils of investing a lot of energy in GUI-testing. You’ll never get humans completely out of the loop, so take advantage of the time that they’re in there.

I’ve gotten shanghaied by the Dallas PHP user group into pulling together a full GUI testing presentation to complement the unit testing presentation I gave and that Tommy and I recently reprised.

I think I’ll look at it in two ways:

…and making sure to emphasize how GUI automation dovetails with code-level unit testing.

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Mon, 04 Feb 2008

Guitar Hero for ummm- Guitars?

ZOMG! It’s just what I was looking for, except not quite. If they put in chord-charts and/or actual note-reading, it’d be perfect. Luckily I’ve advanced quite a bit on the note-reading that I can play most songs that I come across, including ones in different keys (ie: that have non-explicit accidentals due to the key signature). More videos as I get time.

And for those following along at home, yes this is about the third post in three days. Do not adjust your feed readers, I only hope this doesn’t mean my next post will be in April. :^)

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Sat, 02 Feb 2008

If you’d like to contact me…

I keep my contact information up to date on this website. Unfortunately I don’t accept comments on blog entries but if you mail me your commentary, I’ll likely update the original article or post a new one including your commentary. You are of course welcome to sample snippets of an entry with your own commentary and link back to me.

If you are going to contact me, in order to keep me happy and you happy here are some tips:

And a little about my online life:

Or, since I know that’s a pain, just type your message in here and I’ll get it as well.

Your Message Here:

Reply To (email or phone number):
Current Day of Week (mon, tue, etc):

Thanks for your understanding - don’t we all just love the internet?

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MS + Yahoo! == Crazy Delicious?

So I come back from Mexico to find that:

Don’t ask my opinion on either of these matters - I’ve got nothing valuable to add to the conversation. I do notice a distinct lack of funny logos combining the two company’s names. Behold my contribution!

A kindler, gentler Mycrosoft. Capitalizing on their incursions into “My Desktop”, “My Computer”, and “My Network”, MSFT is seeking to expand it’s dominance into “My Internet” and “My Company” with a new joint venture called “MyCrosoft” (powered by Yahoo!)

Comments? You know how to reach me. :^) More updates and pictures from México coming shortly.

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