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Sat, 11 Oct 2008

Obama: He’s not an Arab

Heard this on NPR this morning.

Here’s an extended cut, the bite behind the sound-bite.

Thank you Mr. McCain for your decency and honesty. I sincerely appreciate it and think that a respectful “tone” like the one you demonstrated is one of the most important issues for this presidential election.

I don’t want someone who thinks that suspending habeus corpus is the right thing to do. Or that ignoring subpoenas is the right thing to do. Or that warrantless wiretapping is the right thing to do.

I don’t want someone who (through inaction) tacitly condones these types of actions. I don’t want someone who sets that type of example. I want someone who sees something that is wrong and says: “No way.”

I think that Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden have at least talked about significant improvements in the tone or character of U.S. government. One video that did a lot to convince me of this was this one. It’s a standard “political promise” video but look at what the topics he chooses to tackle are. “I will put any bill that I’m going to sign online for five days before I sign it.” Who is asking for that? Why is he offering that? Do you want that? That’s what I mean about setting the tone.

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Wed, 08 Oct 2008

Y! Cool Thing

I had forgotten all about ycoolthing and started reading back through it. When I changed out my work computer, I semi-intentionally dumped all my RSS feeds, and instead just check ICHC and Ajaxian on a daily basis.

But it’s a good thing I did find ycoolthing again because they have a little flash app that does insta-chat, no login required. It’s over there →. I had been thinking about putting the old messenger presence button ( ) in my contact block, but now I can skip the intermediary and put in a whole friggin’ chat program.

This wonderful technology has been brought to you by the internet and the letter “R”.

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Wed, 01 Oct 2008

Home Sweet Home

I told you October was coming soon. Closing was yesterday, we have a key and the seller will be moving out in about two weeks (she needs some time to pack things up and we’re able to be flexible in that regard). Now we need to find a fridge. And some couches. And a lawn mower. One thing at a time.

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