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Thu, 03 Feb 2005

Coolest Watch Ever

Today I found the iPod of wristwatches, which is far more useful to me than an iPod, since neither one plays .OGG files (that’s geek humour). What I like most about it is the simple, fast, quick, intuitive method for setting a variety of alarms. Although it’s a digital watch, almost everything is done via a scrolly-wheel, like old-school analog watches. Words cannot describe how useful it all is, but I will try.

It’s got spaces for 10 countdown timers, 10 appointments (mini-PDA), variable interval alarms, etc. The way you access them is great: click mode twice, and you’re at the countdown timer screen (with your most recently used countdown timer selected). Scroll the scrolly-wheel to navigate through the ten available, click start on one you want to start. If you don’t see a timer that matches what you need, pull out the scrolly wheel, and you’re instantly in “set” mode. Twiddle up or down to increment / decrement, put scrolly-wheel back in, and press start. Bam. You’ve now set a reminder to:

Need to start another timer? Twiddle scrolly-wheel to find appropriate one, click start.

Invited to a Superbowl party on Sunday? Mush the mode button until you see APPT. Find empty appointment spot. Pull out scrolly-wheel, twiddle time in 5-minute increments. Push start button and get prompted for “remind $n minutes/hours before”. Pull out scrolly-wheel even farther (it has two “out” settings), and all of a sudden you can scrolly-wheel back and forth through upcoming days (to set it for Sunday). Push scrolly-wheel back in, you’re done.

Plus the damned thing will keep track of your excercise times on a weekly basis so you can see how long you’ve been excercising. Mush over to the TRAINING LOG screen, twiddle scrolly-wheel, and you’re reviewing total accumulated times on a week-by-week basis (you store those times into the LOG via the chronometer). Brilliant!

It’s really designed for excercise geeks, but I think it’s going to work out great for a computer geek, probably would work well for lawyer / sales geeks too. Another neat thingy is it has a count-up, count-down counter too. Like if you wanted to do a pushup, then push the button to record it, then do another, record it, etc. I think you’re supposed to use it for longer-term things (like laps, days of exercise per week, etc), but you get the point. You could work gate admissions or be a bouncer/fire-marshal with this thing. Simply amazing!

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