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Wed, 27 Apr 2011

YAML is bullshit “foremost design goal: human readability and serializing arbitrary native data structures” &SS *SS ?:

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Tue, 26 Apr 2011

Coolest ChatRoulette experience

So was practicing guitar the other night and needed to get over the fear of having people watching me while I’m playing. I hop on ChatRoulette to practice and discover that there is indeed 99.8% less wang than before (I used to have to cover up the “stranger” window with a post-it note and only take a look if they started chatting). Overall it was a pleasant night, with three standout incidents.

Left me smiling for sure.

On the other note, there were 2-3 guys who seemed to get off verbally abusing people anonymously over the internet. But even that was good practice, trying to maintain the beat while people are talking to me, yelling at me, trying to distract me or simply having their own music on in the background or wearing “The Count” from Sesame Street outfits. I just wonder about the shouters… what they like about putting people down.

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“It’s more efficient to throw money at performance issues than to throw code at them, but I guess some of you guys just really like to type”

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Tue, 19 Apr 2011

A wise man is sitting at the gate of a large city…

A traveler approached him and asked, “Sir, I’m new here. Could you tell me the kind of people that live in this city?”

After pondering, the wise men asked in return, “And what were the people like where you came from?”

The man replied, “They were unfriendly and mean-spirited.”

The wise man responded, “That’s what they’re like here, too.”

Not long thereafter another traveler approached the city and asked the wise man again the kind of people that lived within the city. “What were the people like in the city that you’ve come from?”

The traveler replied, “Friendly, good-hearted, willing to help their neighbor,” to which the wise man responded, ”And that is what they are like here, too.”


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