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Thu, 08 Jan 2015

Super-M Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’m lacking a home sound system at the moment and I saw the Super-M speaker (and other Nude Audio products). While I usually shy away from things that are battery powered I liked the idea of it being portable and water/sand-proof. When I got delivery notification, I was excited to get back in town and open it.

The first thing that surprised me was the build and packaging quality. The box it came in was annoyingly shameful to throw away. Very high quality plastics and cardboard as well as a custom little rope handle which matched the rope handle of the device itself inside.

It came with a fair amount of charge and I immediately put it to use in the bathroom while showering (however I must admit I wimped out and didn’t put it directly in the water, no need to tempt fate on the first day I had it).

The next surprising thing about it was the size. Indeed it fits very comfortably in your back pocket and the sound is impressive for something so small. If I were to guess taking it out to the open air (beach / sidelines / park) and put it at full volume, you’d be annoyed if you were within 5-10ft of it (due to the volume) and could probably hear it pretty well out to ~50ft. The speaker itself doesn’t really distort at max volume, but it does get a little warbly / muddy because you’re pushing a lot of air from such a small space.

So far I like it because it is super simple to use, gets out of the way, and is about as uncomplicated as you can get. Pair once with Bluetooth. Turn on the speaker, it connects and audio/music starts coming out. Turn off the speaker and you’re disconnected. So far I’ve been storing the speaker in the bathroom to help with my morning routine, but have pulled it out on several occasions to throw music where I want it, at whatever volume is appropriate: mellow / dinner, moderate / doing chores, loud / easily filling the whole apartment.

Bluetooth range is good, but depending on your construction you’ll want line-of-sight to the device. I can turn a random corner in my not-that-big apartment and it’ll start to get scratchy which is slightly disappointing, but what I usually do is just leave the phone next to it instead of carrying it with me.

Solid thumbs up for a durable, loud, portable, versatile speaker. You can tell this thing is built for whatever. Not Otter-Box whatever, but way more than toddler-proof whatever. Read up on it, and if it sounds like it fits your needs then don’t hesitate. Not as cool-looking as the Pulse, but half the price and more durable as well.

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