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Sun, 01 Jun 2008

Beers Worth Your Consideration

After trying a whole bunch of beers, I have managed to stumble upon quite a few favorites.

First I have to mention Shiner Bock. We are truly blessed to have Shiner as our local beer. I’ve really liked Shiner ‘98 (may it rest in peace), and after reading the wikipedia article, I’d like to try their Hefeweizen and Shiner Light (just to see if it really is approved by the town of Shiner).

Next we have one you can probably find near you (assuming you don’t live in Texas … oh wait, if you’re reading mah blog, you probably do live in Texas). Anyway, Blue Moon. Made by Coors (but don’t let that fool you), it’s a wheat beer, kindof cloudy, usually served with a slice of orange. Very tasty and smooth, with a hint of citrus and spice.

Two more wheat beers, Franziskaner and Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat … Franziskaner is a German beer, pretty difficult to find, but Leinenkugel is generally available bottled (very rarely on tap) and is awesome. Of course it’s a wheat beer, so if you don’t like wheat’s you’re out of luck, but it is again very smooth, and not as citrus-y as the others.

That brings us to Pyramid Hefeweizen. Pyramid is another great beer. Reading up on wikipedia, it looks like hefe means “yeast”, where I guess the beer is self-carbonated in the bottle with yeast. Yum.

I would have almost forgotten St. Arnold’s Fancy Lawnmower, a beer that I first tried at the Ginger Man pub near downtown Dallas, probably the first craft brew that I tried and liked, the one that started me down the path of trying new / weird beers. Again, a bit citrus-y and from what I remembered is served with lemon. Looks like they have brewery tours on Saturdays and are from Houston, so I’ll have to stop in and try it some time.

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