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Wed, 24 Nov 2004

Got Blosxom installed…

So, I started updating my website, and ended up installing Blosxom. It feels like the Mo-zilla (well, FireFox) of blogging software, the base software is simple to the point of being unusable, but the architecture is great and there is a decent ecosystem of trivial to use plugins that customize it to your needs.

Most time was spent diddling around with the HTML templates. The one I’ve come up with (as you can see) is pretty simple, but that’s kindof what I want. Nicest thing about Blosxom is that it hides an incredible amount of complexity behind an incredibly simple interface.

Plugins I’ve got installed are:

…installation of plugins (and blosxom itself) is generally as simple as “stuff this file into your ./plugins directory” … you’re expected to edit everything inline for configuration (local modifications), which is a really good system for certain types of techy people, and it makes everything uber-easy to get started with.

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