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Mon, 15 Mar 2010

Convince me one way or the other…

I’m seriously looking into hosting for my pet project, and Dreamhost might not cut it. Looking at my probable future requirements:

The pricing for EC2 has always turned me off as it’s a tad high to just blow for no good reason. Looking at their recent rates, they have a new pricing option called “reserved” which reduces the daily price but for a higher upfront cost.

AWS EC2 - Small Instance:

AWS EC2 - OnDemand Small Instance:

AWS EC2 - Reserved Small Instance 1 year:

AWS EC2 - Reserved Small Instance 3 years:

With Dreamhost, I’m on the ~$190.80 every two years plan, paid up through 2011, which you can’t really beat with a stick. The only thing I’m currently using it for is a basic text-based blog and a few other PHP things but it is convenient and familiar for the basics. With that I’ve currently got ~500gb disk and ~11tb bandwidth, excess disk and bandwidth are not included in the above EC2 price comparisons.

So, currently Dreamhost is almost a rounding error compared to committing to Amazon and I’m not currently at the point where I have any traffic worth committing to the cost or overhead of working with EC2. The difficult part is that the development models vary significantly depending on whether I get to play with the cool toys and install my own packages on an EC2 instance or whether I’m stuck with what I can beat out of Dreamhost shared hosting.

I’d be all over an Amazon “90% idle” instance with ~1gb ram and 500mhz processor that was less expensive or didn’t have hard performance guarantees, but I’m guessing it’ll be a while before they go after that market.

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