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Thu, 15 Jul 2010

Today the internet restored my faith in the internet.

OldSpiceGuy made me giggle uncontrollably. social media brand interaction, video over the intertubes

OhDoctah made me giggle. anything you can do, I can do better… well, try to do better

Pandora is rocking out with some afrolatin, flamenco, acoustic influenced music (with minor key tonalities, obviously) based on Rodrigo y Gabriela. streaming music with a brain, a great way to discover new music based on what you already know

I just added an item to my calendar in the cloud through an oauth shell-browser bridge that showed up on the phone in my pocket:

$ google calendar add "buy tickets today at 2pm"
Please specify user: ramses0
Please log in and/or grant access via your browser at then hit enter.

it’s the cloud!!! in my pocket!!! from my terminal window!!!

The other day I used git to cherry-pick and crossport work from one branch to another branch. everything I’ve ever wanted from version control

Really unimaginable stuff.

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