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Tue, 27 Jul 2010

iPhone UI nitpicks

When unlocked and the phone rings, the lower-left-to-right swipe gesture you normally use cancels the call instead of answering it. To fix, make the unlocked “answer call” button full wide green in the “slide to unlock spot” and the red “ignore call” button full wide red just above it.

There is only one default ringtone. I would prefer adding a “Default Unknown Number Ringtone”. That way you have your 2-5 “priority” ringers, your default ringer, and then your “unknown” ringer. Would be a life-saver when getting random wrong-number calls and you’re trying to chase down your phone to answer the call.

In addition, the iOS4 update nuked the “double-tap for favorites” feature. There’s been some talk of a “triple-tap for favorites” instead of mapping that to some accessibility feature I don’t know about. Tap-and-hold for voice dial isn’t quite a good enough replacement, and there is no “soft-button” I can put in the dock that reliably gets me directly to my list of favorites. Doesn’t anybody at Apple realize that people only ever call like 5 other people?

Finally, fix exposé in Snow Leopard. [X] Scale Windows Proportionally. Yes this means you have to translate “proportionally” into 57 different languages but you can do it. I have faith.

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