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Tue, 31 Jul 2012

Pan-Roasted New Potatoes

Cut potatoes and fit in one layer of a large frying pan.

Pour broth over potatoes, bring to boil.

Cover and cook over medium heat ~20 minutes until broth is almost gone.

While there is still some liquid left, add butter + spices and continuously mix / stir / shake until potatoes are coated and liquid is reduced.

The potatoes should be soft but not mushy with a golden brown crust.

Sprinkle (reserved) fresh spices and serve.

I don’t think I used new potatoes (just cubed the ones I had in the fridge), and I think I had too much liquid in mine at first. No worries, just poured off some of the excess broth and kept some liquid in there.

The potatoes come out pretty flavorful in the sense that you can really taste the broth. It’s almost like the Rice-a-Roni pastas in that sense. Maybe because I had “too much” liquid and they absorbed a lot. Probably will take another time or two in order to perfect the “golden crust” but this first attempt seems to be a very worthy of perfecting this recipe.

Be careful of the dried herbs and sticky carbs sticking to the pan as the liquid dries out. I dropped the potatoes onto a plate and heated up water in the same pan immediately in order to not be stuck with an impossible to clean mess.

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