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Thu, 17 Sep 2009

Tomatillo Salsa

This is a shorthand recipe for making “authentic” tomatillo salsa, so the actual measurements are yours to make the salsa your own. I’ll try to give some basic guidelines.

Choose Carefully: Boil Tomatillos (salsa for enchiladas) or Fry Tomatillos (salsa for dipping).

Boil Tomatillos

Fry Tomatillos

No matter what you did above:

Blend the tomatillos (strain out most of the water if you boiled them) in a blender. Optionally throw in some cilantro during blending (probably a bit less than 1/4 cup of just the leafy parts). For extreme bonus mexicano points you can use a molcajete, but it will take quite a bit longer and you might end up with a bit of grit depending on how well-seasoned your molcajete is.

In the saucepan again, fry up some oil + chopped onion bits on high heat until the onion bits are transparent. Add in blended tomatillos. Reduce and check taste. At this point (while reducing) slowly add powdered chicken boullion or stock until you avoid too much bitterness with the flavors. You don’t want it too bitter or too salty.

Use for enchiladas, chilaquiles, spicing up rice / chicken … basically put it on anything you see at a mexican restaurant. :^)

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