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Fri, 23 Apr 2010

SketchUp Makes Closets Nicer

In my quest to get the office put together (and get the printer, cable modem, wireless router and external hard drive out of the master bathroom), I’d like to put some extra shelves into the office closet.

proposed closet design

After taking a bunch of physical measurements and some liberal use of the “tape measure” tool in sketchup, I came up with the above design. I’m indecisive on whether to consistently use cleats attached to the wall or stick with the uber-simple 3” post as drawn above.

Posts mean there is nothing permanently affixed to existing structure but you’d have to disassemble the shelves anyway to get it out of the closet (no other way to rotate the main shelf and legs to get it out of the doorway.

An undermounted cleat (like your regular closet shelf) on the non-printer side is an easy compromise and frees up a bit of usable space where the legs would have been. I still think I like the four posts under the printer but I might end up putting cleats on the post to support the main shelf and undershelf (the top shelf I imagine just screwing straight down into the top of each post).

If you have an opinion speak now or forever hold your peace.

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