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Thu, 28 Feb 2008

Overheard on Slashdot

A boss of mine once said this:

Class A people hire class A people

Class B people hire class C people

I think that is spot on.


Some other good links I’ve run across lately- a story about how supporting an existing system can be more difficult than the system itself needs to be. Some insights on unit testing, and a small cautinary tale about the perils of investing a lot of energy in GUI-testing. You’ll never get humans completely out of the loop, so take advantage of the time that they’re in there.

I’ve gotten shanghaied by the Dallas PHP user group into pulling together a full GUI testing presentation to complement the unit testing presentation I gave and that Tommy and I recently reprised.

I think I’ll look at it in two ways:

…and making sure to emphasize how GUI automation dovetails with code-level unit testing.

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