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Mon, 07 Feb 2005

When were planes invented?

<saph> So um
<saph> I was putting in dates on for tickets
<saph> and I put march 20th for the departure date
<saph> and it gave me an error saying that my travel dates have to be within 330 days
+of each other
<saph> and the little calendar thingy on the side said that I had apparently chosen
+March 20th year 1900
<saph> were planes even /invented/ by 1900?

Tip ‘o the hat to #twisted, Twisted is a life-saver, life-changer. If you are doing anything network related (and some other things too, from what I can tell), it will change the way you think about programming.

It’s highly callback and event-oriented, which appears to be perfect for networking tasks, potentially related to Aspects / Aspect Oriented Programming (my understanding of AOP isn’t that great, but Twisted provides ~hooks~ for network activites rather than you doing a lot of waits yourself).

Back to work…

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