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Sun, 12 Mar 2006

Fun Tennis Thing

Ping. Basically like bouncing a tennis ball on a racket. Fun viral. Came via aunts + uncles, and worth reposting, so you know it must be good. :^)

My high-score is 11, but before you respond with a “You suck, Robert, I got 54 with no problems”, keep in mind I’m lying on my stomach after eating tooo much Joe’s Crab-Shack and trying to chase a funny-little tennis ball with a track pad (unfortunately, lame-o haxors have “hacked” the SWF and the high-scores are all 999999… I can’t figure out who is more lame- the people who hack things like this or the poor-security goobers who make things vulnerable like this in the first place). Anyway, enjoy!

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