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Tue, 01 Feb 2005

Grrr @ Large Media

Go read Cuban:

This technology revolution was and has been amazing for two reasons.

First , is that the technology has continued to evolve this long. We may be at a point where we arent suprised to read about new technologies, but entrepreneurs continue to generate new ideas that lead to new products and services. Technology continues to have a significant impact on the US economy and to create jobs.

Second, is that the government managed to stay out of the way for as long as it did. Who knows why, but our elected officials managed to let the free markets stay free. Until now.

Things started to get a little shakey back in 1998.

In October of 1998 the Digital Millenium Copyright Act was passed. The DMCA was basically a law that set a very un-nerving precedent. That the government would do what it could to protect the interests of content owners at the expense of technological development.


…I’ve donated to the EFF, have you?

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