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Fri, 26 Nov 2004

Open source in asia / India / China

The Chinese market and Indian markets are huge— beyond your wildest dreams huge. Imagine the combined market of the US and EU in EACH country, but the economic maturity (read potential) of 1955 in the US.


Imagine if you could time-warp back to the 1950’s and set up shop, knowing what you know now. But imagine that it’d be different and interesting because it’s all involving new technology, new ways of doing things (will China be tech, nano-tech, bio-tech, etc?, and to what extent will each of those play a role).

And now the funny part. Socrates did this, right?

Intel: Hello we would like to show you our processors and this lovely software called Linux and OpenOffice.

Oriental Guy: Very nice. The chips are a bugger to copy, we will just have to buy them. How much for the software?

Intel: Free.

Microsoft: You will be sued and die!


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