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Wed, 22 Dec 2004

No cell phone subscriber for you

Wireless companies were the No. 2 sector for complaints to Better Business Bureaus in 2003, trailing only car dealers. They were the second-lowest ranked industry in the University of Michigan’s customer satisfaction index, second only to the hated cable companies.


“We have tapped out the prime-credit segment in the U.S.,” said Roger Entner, a Yankee Group analyst. “Everyone who wants to have a wireless phone and can pass a credit check has one. Everyone who can pass a credit check and doesn’t have one — after ten years of a continuous barrage (of advertising), they’re not going to cave.”


Why do I want a cell-phone again? Actually, just saw an advert for Verizon Wireless Internet Broadband. This is close to what I want. 300-500kbps everywhere, now that I’m a member of the laptop crowd is pretty appealing.

$79.99 monthly access gets you unlimited Verizon Wireless NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess service

…one of the fastest, fully mobile wireless Internet data solutions available. Quickly download complex files and view email attachments at typical speeds of 300-500 kbps, capable of reaching speeds up to 2 Mbps…


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