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Mon, 30 Jun 2008

You Don’t Have a Cell Phone?

  • 1998: Solidarity (“Yeah, me neither—I hate those things!”)
  • 1999: Envy (“Lucky you; I had to get one for work.”)
  • 2000: Indifference (“Okay, what’s your home phone number then?”)
  • 2001: Encouragement (“You should get one—you can play Tetris on them now!”)
  • 2002: Confusion (“I thought you were, like, a tech guy.”)
  • 2003: Sympathy (“They’re getting pretty cheap. You’ll be able to afford one soon.”)
  • 2004: Irritation (“So how am I supposed to get a hold of you?”)
  • 2005: Derision (“If we go out tonight I’ll send you a fax.”)
  • 2006: Skepticism (“Are you serious?”)
  • 2007: Awe (“Wow, you’re like the last one.”)
  • 2008: Incomprehension (“You don’t … how …?”)


…as someone who got into the cell-phone game probably around 2005-2006, I might have held out until 2007 if I had known that awe was the next reaction in line. It’s like the twelve steps of luddite-is.

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