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Sat, 25 Nov 2006

Advancements in UI

At work there was a discussion about scroll-bars as they related to web-pages. Some people were very much on the side of “don’t mess with the scroll-bars”, while others were more open to styling the scroll bars depending on the needs of the application / web-page. I was on the side of: “It’s a scroll bar, don’t mess with it” until I saw the following:


…there are 101 things that you can get wrong if you try to implement a new scroll-bar from scratch, but the above shows that the scroll-bar is far from a solved-problem.

You can see other “innovations” in scroll-bars with video/audio editing software. Attack of the 80’s. :^)

Video tracks represent the timeline of your videos, just as if you layed real photo film on horizontally on a table. The individual images you see on the track are a sample of what is located at that particular time on the timeline.


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