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Thu, 06 Jan 2005

Zap! If Pac-Man were converted to Quake 3 Arena.

…a 2D vector graphics multiplayer team action strategy game that plays like a cross between Robotron and Tribes with the graphical blend of Asteroids and Pac-Man.


It’s nifty! Plays a lot like SubSpace. They’ve got a coupon available to make it $14.95, and if I hadn’t just bought a bunch of mac games (for $3.99 ea. @ MicroCenter!) this one would be on the short list.

Zap needs improvements, though:

Right now, it seems like they should just drop the whole “ship” metaphor and render you as a circle / point-mass, because that’s how your ship flies. That is very unsatisfying to me. Play Koules, Subspace/Continuum, NetTrek, and Tribes to see the differences, especially how important acceleration is to making a game fun.

Zap has a LOT of potential. I want to support them anyway because I think they’ll eventually fix these things and make the game better (I can’t wait for Zap v2.0). And for some of the concrete suggestions (in order of presumed ease of implementation):

Also be sure to check out Orbz which is (in my opinion) the other “best” game from Garage Games.

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